Welcome to the Digital IWMPI 2020 Live Event

Concept of Digital Workshop Realization

We would be pleased to welcome you to the digital IWMPI. The workshop will be an interactive event with the following concept.

Despite all the disadvantages of digital conferences, the online implementation of IWMPI 2020 also offers a decisive opportunity: with the online concept we could reach significantly more participants for the first time and generate opportunities for the MPI research field. The concept includes a combination of live streaming of the talks, interactive poster presentations and an IWMPI media library with the talks.

Format of the Talks – Live Stream and Media Library

The talks are 10 min long + 2 min discussion. The individual talks in the sessions are chaired and moderated. The slide content and the speaker will be combined and converted to a live video signal and fed into the streaming channel in real time. The stream itself will then be available free of charge to interested audiences.

This offers the MPI research field the unique opportunity to reach researchers who are on the periphery of the topic, who are interested for example in the basics of magnetism or in innovative imaging modalities, but who would never have come to our very special workshop. Through targeted marketing in social networks such as LinkedIn and similar channels, the digital IWMPI enables us to reach significantly more participants worldwide. In order to present the IWMPI in a sustainable way, it is also planned that all presentations – whose presenters have given the necessary approval – will be available in a media library after the event.

All this will only work, however, if access to the IWMPI is free of charge for participants without a contribution. Only then can we increase the reach for the IWMPI and the research field MPI. The costs are covered by the registration fees of the presenters who are provided with this service.

The presentations will be linked in the program with the publication in the proceedings supplement of the journal IJMPI. In order to channel the discussion after the lectures, the streaming participants should ask their questions in a written chat. The session chair will receive the questions and can ask them in a discussion after the talk.

To ensure that this works smoothly, it is planned that a technical rehearsal will be held with each presenter by the organizer two weeks before the live workshop. Here, for example, it should be checked whether the bandwidth of the presenter side is sufficient.

Format of the Poster Sessions – Poster Lounges

The poster sessions will be organized as close as possible to the format of the face-to-face event. There will be two poster sessions at different times. In one poster session, which for example comprises the posters P01-P24 and lasts a total of one hour, 8 digital poster lounges are clickable. Each poster lounge has its own small video conference, which in turn contains three posters - the own poster and the two posters adjacent to it (on the left and right, just like in a real poster session). 

Here, the poster presenters are waiting for interested conference participants, who may have read the corresponding contribution in the IJMPI supplement beforehand. The poster itself should be available as a link next to the poster lounge. 

In the lounge, the poster presenters will have the additional opportunity to present the poster in a 5 min. slide show at a given time to explain the poster to those present in the lounge and to discuss it afterwards. If discussions of the three posters take place simultaneously and interfere with each other, a retreat room can be entered to continue the discussion in a small circle. Each poster lounge is individually technically supervised by the organizer.

Format of the Conference Publication – Special Proceedings Issue at IJMPI

We have decided that all accepted conference contributions may be published as individually typeset articles in the International Journal on Magnetic Particle Imaging (www.ijmpi.org) as part of a Special Proceeding Issue 2020 with journal layout and individual DOIs (optional). From 2020, the International Journal on Magnetic Particle Imaging is indexed at Scopus.

The contributions to be published in this form will be the two-page proceeding papers that went through the peer review and editing prior to being accepted. There is no longer contribution required. The two-page proceeding papers will be published as they are. Only typing errors can be corrected in this phase. The publication is considered a conference proceeding, not a full-paper research publication. It will therefore be published in a Special Proceedings Issue in the IJMPI.

Text, data and figures in the contribution will be published as an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0), which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Therefore, you are allowed to be submit parts of the publication to a different journal without further approval.

However, you may also choose to opt-out of publishing your work in the IJMPI: Please send an e-mail to info@iwmpi.org. In that case, only the 100-words abstract will be published.

Optional Complimentary Manuscript – Full-Paper Research Publication at IJMPI

In addition to the two-page proceeding papers, authors are invited to submit an optional complimentary manuscript of at least 4 pages. Paper templates may be downloaded at the journal submission page. Each submission will be again peer-reviewed and, if accepted, published in the open-access International Journal on Magnetic Particle Imaging (IJMPI - journal.iwmpi.org). Accepted papers are supposed to appear in IJMPI, 2020, Vol. 7, No 1/2 (Editor-in-Chief: Tobias Knopp, Hamburg). Deadline for optional full-paper journal manuscript submission is October 26, 2020. Please note that IJMPI will charge a processing fee of 300 Euro for article submissions in LaTeX and 600 Euro for article submissions in Word to cover part of the costs for article typesetting and technical setup starting from. Submissions associated with a presented contribution on IWMPI 2020 will receive a reduction of 300 Euro.


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