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Please find here the recordings of the IWMPI 2020.  |  Complete list of all contributions  |  Vol 6 No 2 Suppl 1 (2020): Int J Mag Part Imag

Session 1: Instrumentation 1

Selection field generation for an open aperture field free line magnetic particle imaging scanner

Can Barış Top

Submillimeter magnetic particle imaging with low symmetrical field gradient

Suko Bagus Trisnanto

Gradient power reducing using pulsed selection-field sequences

Florian Thieben

Design of A Rabbit Scale Magnetic 3D Particle Imaging System with Amplitude Modulation

Jungwon Yoon

Spatial selectivity enhancement in RF-hyperthermia by magnetic flux confinement

Kulthisa Sajjamark

Initial imaging experiments with a direct driven relaxation Magnetic Particle Imaging setup

Thilo Viereck

Session 2: Image Reconstruction 1

Multi-dimensional Harmonic Dispersion X-space MPI

Semih Kurt

Tailored regularization methods for multi-contrast magnetic particle imaging

Christina Brandt

A sparse row-action algorithm for Magnetic Particle Imaging

Florian Lieb

Session 3: Nanoparticle Physics and Theory, Image Reconstruction

Towards accurate modeling of the multidimensional MPI physics

Tobias Kluth

A novel representation of the MPI system function

Marco Maass

MNPDynamics: A computational toolbox for simulating magnetic moment behavior of ensembles of nanoparticles

Hannes Albers

Simulations of magnetic particles with arbitrary anisotropies

Alexander Neumann

Simultaneous imaging of magnetic nanoparticle concentration, temperature and viscosity with a scanning magnetic particle spectrometer

Jing Zhong

Session 4: Applications 1

Magnetic Particle Imaging for intraoperative margin analysis in breast-conserving surgery

Erica Mason

Quasi-simultaneous magnetic particle imaging and navigation of nanomag/synomag-D particles in bifurcation flow experiments

Florian Griese

Selective actuation and MPI of magnetic beads

Anna C. Bakenecker

Preliminary results: Imaging of in situ labeled Tumor-Associated Macrophages with Magnetic Particle Imaging

Marco Gerosa

Volumetry in magnetic particle imaging

Martin Möddel

Session 5: Image Reconstruction 2

Reducing displacement artifacts by warping system matrices in efficient joint multi-patch magnetic particle imaging

Marija Boberg

Investigation of the spatial resolution and penetration depth of a single-sided MPI device in three-dimensional imaging

Yvonne Blancke Soares

Super-resolving reconstruction technique for MPI

Alper Güngör

Eigen-reconstructions: a closer look into the System Matrix

Jorge Chacon-Caldera

Session 6: Applications 2

Estimating orientation using multi-contrast MPI

Martin Möddel

Temperature Mapping via Relaxation-Based Color MPI

Mustafa Utkur

Blind Source Separation for Multi-Color MPI

Semih Kurt

MPI based intracranial pressure (ICP) monitor for hydrocephalus patients

Mert Şener

Session 7: Applications 3, Patient Safety

Tailoring magnetic supraparticles for object identification by magnetic particle spectroscopy

Stephan Müssig

Magnetic Particle Fingerprinting using Arbitrary Waveform Relaxometer

Ecrin Yagiz

Safety of a new stent design during Magnetic Particle Imaging

Ulrike Grzyska

MPI visualization and inductive heating of hybrid implant fibers

Ioana Slabu

Functional MPI (fMPI) of hypercapnia in rodent brain with MPI time-series imaging

Konstantin Herb

Session 8: Instrumentation 2

OS-MPI: an open-source magnetic particle imaging project

Eli Mattingly

Organ specific mouse head coil for improved image quality in magnetic particle imaging

Matthias Gräser

Implementation of a Gradiometer Receive Coil for a Single-Sided FFL MPI Scanner

Alexey Tonyushkin

Design of a Doubly Tunable Gradiometer Coil

Ahmet Rahmetullah Cagil

Evaluation of spatio-temporal resolution of MPI scanners with a dynamic bolus phantom

Silvio Dutz

HYPER localized hyperthermia – early results

Matthias Weber

A heating coil insert for a preclinical MPI scanner

Huimin Wei


The Do's and Don'ts of MPI Scanner Instrumentation

Lawrence Wald

Magnetic Particle Imaging – one fascinating pillar of Bruker’s multimodal life science portfolio

Jochen Franke