Keynote of IWMPI 2019

MPI:  The Future of Biomedical Molecular Imaging?

Peter Caravan, Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, Department of Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA

MPI shows great optimism for molecular imaging: potentially low cost device, shelf-stable molecular probes, no ionizing radiation, direct detection of the probe, and relatively high sensitivity for detection. Drawing upon other modalities, this lecture will describe the requirements for successful MPI applications. 

The ultimate utility of MPI is somewhat bounded by the need to utilize nanoparticle-based probes which are limited in their pharmacokinetic properties and biodistribution.  Acknowledging and working within these constraints still leaves a broad field of impactful application.  Here we will describe possible avenues for molecular probes that take advantage of this powerful emerging technology.  

Peter Caravan 
1997PhD in Chemistry, University of British Columbia
1998Post-doctoral fellow, Chemistry, Université de Lausanne
04/07-02/08          Instructor, Radiology, Harvard Medical School
02/08-09/13Assistant Professor, Radiology, Harvard Medical School
10/13 -   Associate Professor, Professor, Radiology, Harvard Medical School
2014 -Co-Director, Institute for Innovation in Imaging: Establish, direct, and manage translational imaging institute

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