Lunch Sessions on IWMPI 2019

Magnetic Insight Lunch Session on Monday: Live MPI Demo

Join us for lunch right after the morning session to view the operation of the MOMENTUM MPI system live in New York. Dr. Patrick Goodwill will remotely demonstrate the MOMENTUM scanner live in real-time from the stage. Located at MSU’s new Institute for Quantitative Health Sciences and Engineering, this state-of-the-art research facility brings together engineers and basic science researchers with medical researchers to help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. Take advantage of the opportunity to gain insight on the current development of MPI technology and an overview of ongoing projects around the world!

Bruker Lunch Session on Tuesday: Achievements of the MPI community – Time is of the essence

Take a break and enjoy lunch with us! We will give you a quick overview of the recent outstanding scientific achievements in the field of MPI. From real-time applications to image guided actuation, Jochen Franke will provide you a vivid summary of the latest results gathered on the Bruker MPI system.
Bruker is glad to relentlessly drive innovation for scientists, while our close collaboration with the very dynamic MPI community is the key success factor empowering MPI as one of the most promising imaging techniques for new spatially encoded theranostics approaches.
As time is of the essence, get inspired by our life science community recent achievements. Continue pioneering the fascinating field of Magnetic Particle Imaging technology together with us. Let’s pave new ways to personalized medicine and revolutionize clinical diagnostic and therapeutic routines.

The schedule of IWMPI 2019 is continuously updated.