Previous Conferences

So far, eight International Workshops on MPI have been held.

8th IWMPIHamburg, Germany2018, March 22-24Details
7th IWMPIPrague, Czech Republic2017, March 23-24Details
6th IWMPILübeck, Germany2016, March 16 - 18Details
5th IWMPIIstanbul, Turkey2015, March 26 - 28Details
4th IWMPIBerlin, Germany2014, March 27 - 29Details
3rd IWMPIBerkeley, USA2013, March 23 - 24Details
2nd IWMPILübeck, Germany2012, March 15 - 16Details
1st IWMPILübeck, Germany2010, March 18 - 19Details

 Future Conferences

The 10th IWMPI will be held in Würzburg, Germany in March 2020.