Tentative Program of IWMPI 2020

List of Accepted Contributions

Submission Title
378Encapsulation of new MPI tracer nanoparticles in the human red blood cells
Antonella Antonelli, Emanuele-Salvatore Scarpa, Cordula Gruettner , Gianluca Ambrosi, Loretta Guidi, Mauro Magnani
397A sparse row-action algorithm for Magnetic Particle Imaging
Florian Lieb, Tobias Knopp
405Tailoring magnetic supraparticles for object identification by magnetic particle spectroscopy
Stephan Müssig, Florian Fidler, Daniel Haddad, Karl-Heinz Hiller, Susanne Wintzheimer, Karl Mandel
406Towards accurate modeling of the multidimensional MPI physics
Tobias Kluth, Patryk Szwargulski, Tobias Knopp
407Magnetic Particle Imaging for intraoperative margin analysis in breast-conserving surgery
Erica Mason, Eli Mattingly, Konstantin Herb, Sofia Franconi, Monika Sliwiak, Clarissa Cooley, Lawrence Wald
408Individual observation of Néel and Brownian relaxations in magnetic nanoparticles
Satoshi Ota, Yasushi Takemura
409Fully differential low noise amplifier for MPI/MPS
Ankit Malhotra, Holger Schwegmann, Jonas Schumacher, Xin Chen, Thorsten M. Buzug
410Development of a microfluidic platform for the synthesis of MPI tracer materials
David Heinke, Alexander Kraupner, Jörg Schemberg, Stefan Wiedemeier, Andreas Briel
416A concept for an MPI scanner with Halbach arrays
Anna C. Bakenecker, Jonas Schumacher, Peter Blümler, Ksenija Gräfe, Mandy Ahlborg, Thorsten M. Buzug
417Selective actuation and MPI of magnetic beads
Anna C. Bakenecker, Klaas Bente, Felix Bachmann, Anselm von Gladiss, Damien Faivre, Thorsten M. Buzug
421Functional MPI (fMPI) of hypercapnia in rodent brain with MPI time-series imaging
Konstantin Herb, Erica E. Mason, Eli Mattingly, Joseph B. Mandeville, Emiri T. Mandeville, Clarissa Zimmerman Cooley, Lawrence L. Wald
422Towards bimagnetic nanoparticle thermometry
Thinh Bui, Adam Biacchi, Solomon Woods
423Evaluation of spatio-temporal resolution of MPI scanners with a dynamic bolus phantom
Silvio Dutz, Anton Stang, Lucas Wöckel, Olaf Kosch, Patrick Vogel, Cordula Grüttner, Volker C. Behr, Frank Wiekhorst
424Estimation of FFP accuracy in an MPI scanner with rotating magnets in Halbach arrangement
Madleen Schoger, Alexander Hetznecker, Ulrich Heinen
427Submillimeter magnetic particle imaging with low symmetrical field gradient
Yasushi Takemura, Suko Bagus Trisnanto
428Preliminary experiments for detection of reflected signals from magnetic nanoparticles by ultrasound
Huan Huang, Yasutoshi Ishihara
429Spatial selectivity enhancement in RF-hyperthermia by magnetic flux confinement
Kulthisa Sajjamark, Jochen Franke, Rainer Pietig, Heinrich Lehr, Volker Niemann
430Selection field generation for an open aperture field free line magnetic particle imaging scanner
Can Barış Top
431MPI Reconstruction using Bessel functions
Marco Maass, Christine Droigk, Alfred Mertins
432An upper bound for the frequency dependent energy of the 2-dimensional system function
Christine Droigk, Marco Maass, Alfred Mertins

Simultaneous imaging of magnetic nanoparticle concentration, temperature and viscosity with a scanning magnetic particle spectrometer
Jing Zhong, Meinhard Schilling, Frank Ludwig

434Development of novel nanoparticles for MPI
Vít Herynek, Michal Babič, Ondřej Kaman, Hana Charvátová, Mariana Veselá, Luděk Šefc
435MNPDynamics: A computational toolbox for simulating magnetic moment behavior of ensembles of nanoparticles
Hannes Albers, Tobias Kluth, Tobias Knopp
437Stent Lumen Quantification of 21 Endovascular Stents with MPI
Franz Wegner, Anselm von Gladiss, Julian Haegele, Ulrike Grzyska, Malte Sieren, Kerstin Lüdtke-Buzug, Jörg Barkhausen, Thorsten Buzug, Thomas Friedrich
439Magnetic performance of Synomag® nanoparticles in various environments
Kalthoum Riahi, Melissa M. van de Loosdrecht, Lejla Alic, Bennie ten Haken
440Estimating orientation using multi-contrast MPI
Martin Möddel, Florian Griese, Tobias Kluth, Tobias Knopp

MPI visualization and inductive heating of hybrid implant fibers
Benedikt Mues, Brice Tiret, Benedict Bauer, Jeanette Ortega, Thomas Gries, Thomas Schmitz-Rode, Patrick Goodwill, Ioana Slabu

445Quasi-simultaneous magnetic particle imaging and navigation of nanomag/synomag-D particles in bifurcation flow experiments
Florian Griese, Peter Ludewig, Cordula Gruettner, Florian Thieben, Knut Müller, Tobias Knopp
446Single harmonic based narrow-band magnetic particle imaging
Klaas Julian Janssen, Jing Zhong, Meinhard Schilling, Frank Ludwig
454Mag-Guider: permanent magnet systems to steer and image super-paramagnetic particles
Peter Blümler
455Safety of a new stent design during Magnetic Particle ImagingUlrike Grzyska 
Thomas Friedrich, Julian Haegele, Thorsten M Buzug, Joerg Barkhausen, Franz Wegner
456Characterization of noise and background components in MPI raw signals
Hendrik Paysen, Olaf Kosch, James Wells, Tobias Schaeffter, Frank Wiekhorst
458In vivo dose studies of PEG-coated Magnetic Nanoparticles in Tumor-Associated Macrophages using Magnetic Particle Imaging
Marco Gerosa, Gang Ren, Yanrong Zhang, Patrick Goodwill, Jim Mansfield, Pasquina Marzola, Max Wintermark
459Reducing displacement artifacts by warping system matrices in efficient joint multi-patch magnetic particle imaging
Marija Boberg, Tobias Knopp, Martin Möddel
460Highly symmetric filter for a fully differential receive chain
Jonas Schumacher, Ankit Malhotra, Ksenija Gräfe, Thorsten M. Buzug
462Simulations of magnetic particles with arbitrary anisotropies
Alexander Neumann, Thorsten M. Buzug
464First images obtained with a rabbit-sized Magnetic Particle Imaging scanner
Jan Stelzner, Ksenija Gräfe, Thorsten M. Buzug
465Temperature-dependent spectrum measurement using a three-dimensional magnetic particle spectrometer
Xin Chen
André Behrends, Ankit Malhotra, Alexander Neumann, Thorsten M. Buzug
466Enhanced compressed sensing recovery of multi-patch system matrices in MPI
Mirco Grosser, Marija Boberg, Marleen Bahe, Tobias Knopp
467A standard procedure for implementation and automatic correction of LCC matching networks
André Behrends, Kerrin Tessars, Jonas Schumacher, Alexander Neumann, Thorsten Buzug
468Co-optimisation of send and receive coils
Eric Aderhold, Jonas Schumacher, Thorsten M. Buzug
469Implementation of a Gradiometer Receive Coil for a Single-Sided FFL MPI Scanner
Jason Pagan, Juehao Lin, Alexey A Tonyushkin
471Magnetic Particle Fingerprinting using Arbitrary Waveform Relaxometer
Ecrin Yagiz, Mustafa Utkur, Can Barış Top, Emine Ulku Saritas
473Rapid Relaxation-Based Color MPI
Tunc, Semih Kurt, Ali Alper Ozaslan, Yavuz Muslu, Emine Ulku Saritas
475Bias-reduction for sparsity promoting regularization in Magnetic Particle Imaging
Lina Nawwas, Martin Möddel, Tobias Knopp, Christina Brandt
476Iron core coil designs for MPI
Fynn Förger, Matthias Graeser, Tobias Knopp
4772D Image using 2nd Harmonic Response Improved by Application of System Function
Saburo Tanaka, Keita Nakashima
478Receive path calibration to exchange system matrix data of different receivers
Matthias Gräser, Patryk Szwargulski, Fynn Förger, Florian Thieben, Peter Ludewig, Tobias Knopp
479Parameter Robustness Analysis for System Function Reconstruction
Abdullah Ömer Arol, Ali Alper Ozalsan, Emine Ulku Saritas
480Organ specific mouse head coil for improved image quality in magnetic particle imaging
Matthias Gräser, Tom Liebing, Patryk Szwargulski, Fynn Förger, Florian Thieben, Peter Ludewig, Tobias Knopp
481Simulation study to minimize the single-sided FFP MPI scanne
Ksenija Gräfe, Thorsten M. Buzug
482Heat dissipation and safety considerations during Lissajous scanning magnetic particle imaging
James Wells, Hendrik Paysen, Olaf Kosch, Frank Wiekhorst
483Dynamic concentration reconstruction for magnetic particle imaging using splines
Christiane Schmidt, Christina Brandt
486A novel representation of the MPI system function
Marco Maass, Christine Droigk, Alfred Mertins
487Determination of 3D system matrices using a mirroring approach based on mixing theory
Patryk Szwargulski, Tobias Knopp
489Tailored regularization methods for multi-contrast magnetic particle imaging
Christina Brandt, Inga Glöckner, Martin Möddel, Tobias Knopp
490Investigation of the spatial resolution and penetration depth of a single-sided MPI device in three-dimensional imaging
Yvonne Blancke Soares, Ksenija Gräfe, Kerstin Lüdtke-Buzug, Thorsten M. Buzug
491Gradient power reducing using pulsed selection-field sequences
Florian Thieben, Marija Boberg, Patryk Szwargulski, Matthias Graeser, Tobias Knopp
495Teaching Magnetic Particle Spectrosopy to Undergraduates – A Practical Session
Johanna L Stafford, James C Freeman, Michael I Newton, Robert H Morris
496A heating coil insert for a preclinical MPI scanner
Huimin Wei, Andre Behrends, Thomas Friedrich, Thorsten Buzug
504Volumetry in magnetic particle imaging
Julia Wernecke
506Blind Source Separation for Multi-Color MPI
Semih Kurt, Yavuz Muslu, Emine Ulku Saritas
508OS-MPI: an open-source magnetic particle imaging project
Eli Mattingly, Erica Mason, Konstantin Herb, Monika Śliwiak, Katrin Brandt, Clarissa Cooley, Lawrence Wald
511Initial imaging experiments with a direct-driven relaxation Magnetic Particle Imaging setup
Thilo Viereck, Sebastian Draack, Melvin Kuester, Meinhard Schilling, Frank Ludwig
513HYPER localized hyperthermia – early results
Matthias Weber, Daniel Hensley, Blayne Kettlewell, Andrew Mark, Ryan Orendorff, Maximilian Peters, Brice Tiret, Elaine Yu, Patrick Goodwill
514Multi-dimensional Harmonic Dispersion X-space MPI
Semih Kurt, Vagif Abdulla, Emine Ulku Saritas
515Design of a Magnetostimulation Head Coil with Rutherford Cable Winding
Ali Alper Ozaslan, Ahmet Rahmetullah Cagil, Matthias Graeser, Tobias Knopp, Emine Ulku Saritas
517Design of a Doubly Tunable Gradiometer Coil
Ahmet Rahmetullah Çağıl, Bilal Tasdelen, Emine Ulku Saritas
519Vector Modulator Based Active Compensation of Direct Feedthrough
Bilal Tasdelen, Ecrin Yagiz, Mustafa Utkur, Ahmet R. Cagil, Can Barış Top, Ergin Atalar, Emine Ulku Saritas
520Temperature Mapping via Relaxation-Based Color MPI
Mustafa Utkur, Emine Ulku Saritas
521Design of A Rabbit Scale 3D Magnetic Particle Imaging System with Amplitude Modulation
Tuan-Anh Le, Minh Phu Bui, Jungwon Yoon
522Design and Engineering Colloidal Magnetic Particles for Nanoscale Thermometry
Adam Biacchi, Thinh Bui, Cindi Dennis, Solomon Woods, Angela Hight Walker
525Fusion of Overlapping Patches in X-Space MPI
Hasan Sabri Melihcan Erol, Ali Alper Özaslan, Emine Ülkü Sarıtaş
526Evaluation of the synthesis process of SPIONs for MPI with different iron salts with MPS
Jana Schonvogel, Kerstin Lüdtke-Buzug
527MPI imaging of vascular inflammation in abdominal aortic aneurysm in murine model
Dilyana Mangarova, Julia Brangsch, Azadeh Mohtashamdolatshahi, Olaf Kosch, Hendrik Paysen, Frank Wiekhorst, Matthias Taupitz, Jörg Schnorr, Bernd Hamm, Marcus Makowski
562Dendronized iron oxides: Superspios® as MPI tracers and magnetic hyperthermia agents
Delphine Felder-Flesch, Geoffrey Cotin, Cristina Blanco-Andujar, Robert N. Muller, Jeff Gaudet, Sylvie Begin-Colin

Important Dates

Notification of acceptance:
Jul 10, 2020

Deadline for optional journal submission:
Sep 06, 2020

Sep 06-Sep 08, 2020